Been a Wonderful Staycation!

Sunday November 26, 2017

I love spontaneous nature of weddings – that things aren’t always perfect. I also get to see the tender side of people, which is rare. It’s all about capturing the human spirit that is unique to each individual… – Bambi Cantrell

One of the rare times we stayed home for a vacation. I relaxed! My body needed a rest. During this time I was forced to rework this web site!
Here is my first Blog Post for the new site! All comments and critism accepted.
So I was thinking about all those people who are working to up their skills…

I see this in more than just Weddings. I see this when I’m shooting a small gathering. I even saw this emotion when I was shooting an Art Gallery Opening with Diplomats and Politicians. This is one of thee most rewarding aspects of walking into a Venue that you’ve been hired for.
You get to see people in a relaxed state. Relatives? Friends? All we see is the face smiling and speaking to one another. Add music and dancing to the mix?
Then no matter what is transpiring just out of sight takes a break and lets matters be till another time.

She’s right you know. But I think because she is a Wedding Photog that she is also missing the point. That we Can and Do capture the raw emotions. The moment we can see Pure Emotions! From capturing someone who first walks into a Surprise Party. That moment where a Father has that “Caught in the Headlights Look” when he’s escorting his Daughter Down the Isle!

But its those tender moments when people interact. The look of connection between them. That’s what we strive for.

Yes! It’s Upping the Game! I’ve seen some wonderful progression in the skills of all those who have been trying to better themselves working on Posing and Lighting for Portraits.

Its shooting under the rough/fast fleeting moments when Our Big Lights just wont do… The Speed Lights are our Heroes under these conditions. An Event or a small party where we can’t drag those large Light Stands! We need something with fast power to do those jobs.

Now working under very fast very high tension situations like a small party. I’m Not Speaking of Weddings here specifically. It’s the Baptism. It’s the Surprise Party or the Engagement Party. Maybe a Charity Event.

Working on the Fly! That is what separates the True Pro from the Snap Shooters……….

Knowing when to play with Our Settings. The Shutter Speed or even the Power Level of our Speed Lights. Or………

How bout disconnecting or turning off the speed light for when we do “Want to Capture” the available light situation?

Oh Yeah! It is hard. Can Our equipment keep Up? Can we Keep Up? High Stress. Fast moments fleet right by.

Now do we lower or increase our shutter speed to get a more dramatic image? When using a speed light if we raise the shutter speed the background starts to get slightly darker!
On a dance floor. That moment when two people have pure emotion when they start dancing. If your using Two Speed Lights. Raise that second light High and move it slightly farther back. Lower your power on your fill light just a drop and Raise that Shutter Speed a drop to make the background a drop darker to increase the “Drama”!

I was looking for an example to post?? Nope. Seems I never did it on Digital and can’t find an example from my Archives… LOL

So I’ll post a Father escorting his daughter down the Isle when I turned off my Speed Light. I was an Honored Guest at this Friends daughters Wedding…

Before anyone even thinks of it? NOPE! I was Never In her way. I used to be a Wedding Photog and know when to back out for the Hired Pro.

This is one of my friends and his very Lovely Daughter.
Look at his eyes… He Hates Public Situations Buwahahahaha

For the inquiring minds. Shot using my Nikon D700 and the Great Wonderful Nikon 85mm D f:1.8 Lens.



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