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Wishing All
Our Friends and Family

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!


I have been working on these pages to bring you the best I can.
Seems there was a major update on almost everything I’ve been using. From the WordPress update that seemed to be giving me a problem in trying to update and kept on crashing.  Which of course means that everything no longer worked together. I was forced to delete everything including the Themes and all of my plug-ins since they weren’t cooperating with each other as well.
We are still under construction and trying to work out the bugs…

On the left you will find a few Buttons on my Menu to navigate this site.
I’ve included a little about myself in the Bio.

Thank you for your Patience.

  • Mark

    I see the comments section on the bottom..
    Testing to see if this works?

    • Not4wood

      The comments Officially Work.
      I do see a comments page in the First Gallery Section.
      I don’t see it yet anywhere else?

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